Succeeders are Leaders!

On a recent trip to my main home town St. Louis, my mom was going through our storage and came across an old notebook of mine. The first page showed something i had written back at age nine about what it meant to be a good leader. My nine-year old self had some pretty good Ideas that I found value in reading and wanted to share. (typed out version below the image because my handwriting was so amazing)

leadership list age 9
Succeeders are Leaders by Iwari DeWees

Sept, 9, 1997

Succeeders are Leaders

Characteristics of a leader

  1. To be responsible.
  2. Shows respect.
  3. Believes in others.
  4. Stick to it and doesn’t give up.
  5. Follow the rules.
  6. Cooperative with the group.
  7. helps anyone in need.
  8. be polite and listen to what
  9. others have to say
  10. Be polite don’t fight
  11. be honest
  12. set good examples
  13. have a positive attitude
  14. Understand peoples problems
  15. don’t start stuff


-Iwari DeWees

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